It's called Social Media for a Reason...

Lately, I am a little unnerved at the lack of etiquette I have seen in social media. It just seems like anything goes and there are no polite guidelines to take heed. There is a couple of things I have noticed:

1. Life long lessons also apply here. Remember growing up, you were taught it was impolite to talk about religion and politics? Why is posting on Facebook any different? I went to Catholic school and have seen a church or two in my day but I take it with grace and eloquence. I would never think to talk about God, or Buddha or anything else you believe in with the public without their permission. Its just not polite. And did you really just Praise God that your daughter scored a soccer goal? Seriously?

2.Tagging multiple people in an image that is not a photo. Do not tag me in a photo that I am not in. I can not believe that grown men and women are tagging me in an image that I am not in! Like this:

This photo was tagged with about 15 other people. So, this is head in your hands aggravating for 15 reasons:

1. Its stupid unless you are 6.
2. If anyone is equally as stupid to comment on it, I will get notified. 
3. See number #1
4. 12 other reasons along the same lines.

3. Liking your own status or your business's fan page status. So I am gonna write a status. And I think so highly of myself, I am gonna like it. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Also, liking your own business is pompous. We all are happy to own our own businesses but lines must be drawn!

I know this sounds like a cranky rant, but I am wondering what bugs you about people's lack of decorum on social media? What are your thoughts? Pin It

Leaving Comments on Blogger

My friend Nada  of Beauty Mommy fame has been asked a couple of times the best way to leave a comment after blogs, I wanted to share what we came up with as its really important for feedback purposes as we really want to know what you do or do not like!

If someone has comments enabled on his or her blog, then you can usually find a "comments" link at the end of each post, like this:

If you click this link, you will go to the comment posting page. (Note: in some templates, this link may take you to the post page first. From there you should be able to find the "Post a Comment" link which will take you here.) The comment posting page looks like this:

In the upper left corner, there is an option to show or hide the original blog post that the comments relate to. The rest of the left-hand column contains any comments that have already been made. The profile photos of the comment authors may also display, depending on the blog's settings.

On the right hand side of the page is the space for you to enter your comment. Beneath that are the identity options. (Some of these may not be available, depending on the blog's settings.)
The options are these:
  • Blogger username: Your display name will appear, along with a link to your profile and your photo (if you have one).
  • Other: You can enter your name and a link to your website, without having to have a Blogger account.
  • Anonymous: No identifying information is displayed. The comment is credited to "Anonymous" without a link.

The owner of a blog also has the option to have comments open in popup windows. In this case, all the primary features will still be present, just arranged a little differently:
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Wanderfly: The Technical Way of Closing your Eyes and Pointing on a Map

Yes, I am a Sagittarius Woman:

You have a hunger to experience life to it fullest- to travel, meet interesting people, and see things you've never seen before

I really like to travel, I wish I had all the money and all the time in the world to just have a limitless vacation once a month. My family lives in Long Island, and I love Manhattan more than any other place in the entire world, it is always my go-to vacation spot. But, I feel like I am cheating myself by not seeing the world and playing it safe. Last year, we decided we were not going to go to the Big Apple and did some historic romping in Washington DC. But that is still playing it pretty safe. I have always envy someone who can close her eyes and point on a map and plans her trip.

Today I came across a new website called Wanderfly and I think I have found a very good match to my whimsical nature to travel. Instead of assisting in booking a trip to a certain place, Wanderfly offers new parameters to travel: When and How Much. Sure you can get a little more specific as far as what sort of trip you would like to plan (snow, beach, spa, etc.) but I left it unchecked to see where it could take me.

I chose:

  • Leaving From Daytona Beach, FL (which I was testing because it is commonly more expensive to fly from here, instead of Orlando)
  • Wanting to Travel in Mid May because its a nice time of year for 5 days and
  • I thought $600 per person was a good choice for an average trip.

I left the I want to travel anywhere intact because its like spinning a wheel, isn't it?

The site is very colorful and has cute quotes when you are waiting for the results to come in. When I first pressed send, I thought that they only gave me one option. When I looked closer and I saw that they had actually gave me 14 choices!

My Options:
Santa Ynez, CA
Black Diamond, WA
Natchez, MS
Carefree, AZ
Prestwick, UK
Twin Falls, Idaho
Fort Worth, TX
Stanley, VA
Bremerton, WA
Windsor, CA
Bar Harbor, Maine
Fortuna, Costa Rica
Kinsale, Ireland
Gotha, Germany

As you click along, you get a description of the city, the weather, news (via Twitter) and some coming soon features. I would imagine the friends feature would show you who has been there from your Facebook friends. This is heaven for a girl like me because it really gives me really interesting options I would have never thought of to research. As one girl on Facebook commented, what a great way to spend a boring day at work as you plan your next trip! I look forward to seeing how they progress! I am in love!

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Its hard to take heed, really

You can't make this stuff up

Actual review on Urban Spoon...thank God it wasn't any of my clients but still...

I can't believe that they stay in business. The manager is rude and lacks knowlage on running a restaurant. Apparently it's a crap shoot as to weather or not your food will come out at all.

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