Social Media in a Small Town

I am in month four of owning my own social media marketing company. It has been a pretty amazing journey. The Lack of stress that comes from being your own boss is pretty amazing. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Women ( which really had some serious girl power attached to it...minus the hooking, of course) I say who, I say when and I say how much. No crazy.coms to go to work for, no one to stress me out but me. I have had a chance to get back in touch with my love of music that makes me happy, thanks to Rhapsody which I make beautiful playlists depending on my mood. If I have had enough for the day, a middle of the day pedicure isn't out of the question.

Not to say it isn't nauseating to be your own boss. I have had to secure My own health insurance with a pre-existing condition, panic every time Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger goes down for fear it's for good thus ending my career. Last week, with a full blown stomach flu I had to crawl to my computer to take care of a client because if i didn't, who would?

But, one of my biggest challenges is explaining what social media is and what I do for a living to my middle sized town. Now, as you read my profile you may notice that I am from Daytona Beach. Thanks to Spring Break, and the Daytona International Speedway, my fair city has pretty hefty brand name awareness. But, sad to say, we are behind a tad in a lot of ways compared to cities with brighter lights. When I am asked,"So, what are you doing now?" I have to dumb it down very much for my community. I would like to hold my head high and answer,"I own a social media marketing company." Boy, does that get the deer in the headlights look for many! "You mean, play on Facebook?" Just recently, my seventy year old aunt asked me how that computer thing is going. Although a good amount understand, my goal for the New Year is to get the understanding of the social media revolution kicking in this area

I have a feeling I may be the one to teach them. Pin It

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