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If you look through my house, I can think of about 4 calendars I have bought over the year. Four, because I will start getting really excited about buying and using and then I find something wrong with it. Its too small, its too big, its not the right shape...its really hard to find me one that I love. Now, I love, worship and want to marry the Planner Pad but I have too much going on to have only seven subjects to go off of. One would think that being the techy nerdy butt that I am that I would use my Iphone exclusively. But truth be told, I don't really like that calendar either. I do use my google calendar for some things, but nothing serves me better than an actual hold in your hand agenda. I also want to make mention is that in my crazy OCD world, I only put appointments in my planner. I save to-do lists and other things to remember for Remember the Milk which I will blog about soon. If you are looking for a bargain, I usually have very good luck in Target. I could say that last sentence about everything in my life but Target especially has some very retro looking designs at a very reasonable price. And being that I will get tired of this pretty Tiffany Blue one I am currently playing with very soon, a reasonable price is a must. 

A honorable mention? The I-pad Calendar interface. Its so pretty, I just don't understand why the Ipod doesnt pick it up...aren't they members of the same family?? I would use it in a second.

So, in honor of the Christmas season and the fact that the guilt that I am not done shopping yet is killing me, I wanted to blog a little about some of the best ways to bring your new planner under the tree. The good thing is that if Santa doesn't recognize your need for a 2011 plan you can run and order these for yourself after Christmas with the money or gift cards you get when you take all the presents back that you didn't like....yes, I am most guilty. 

Of course, I have to visit Etsy and it didn't disappoint. Look at this beautiful retro handmade planner that can be used year after year. Provided you don't have the crazy gene that I have.

2011 Calendar Day Planner - Flea Market Pink Posies - Agenda in Pink and Brown


This planner is also on Etsy. I thought it was really cool, because one of the most frustrating things about changing your mind on planners mid year is that you either have to buy an old one and waste the months or buy it and not be able to be able to use it for a while (my current situation). This would also make a GREAT gift. Maybe not for Christmas but for Valentine's Day...or President's Day! Its a little pricy but it looks to me like it is completely handmade and customized which is makes the price well worth it, don't you think? They have them in three sizes.

PIPER Design - Small Personalized Planner

Most boys I know do use their smart phones or their office calendars but if you wanted a nice option for the man in your life, this is a subtle leather version that is classy and will keep all his dates in check. And, I fully expect you to pre-fill in the important ones for him! 

Scully Calfskin Leather Pocket Weekly Planner

This is the one that I am currently playing with. I got it at Office Depot and for the price, its a great deal. Its serves its purpose and there is plenty of room for all your to-do's and appointments. Its also small enough to fit in your handbag with ease. There are a bunch of colors, if you like to stay away from the traditional (I do) 

2011 Weekly/Monthly Maison Planner 8.5x11

Ok, time in the blog post where your heart will elevate. This is the holy grail portion of my planner post. I am sure that there are other designers that have planners but I have always been obsessively a fan of Kate Spade. It is a miracle that I have not picked this beautiful thing up for my very own. It is just the most gorgeous thing on the planet. For a more budget conscious option (boooooooooo) try one of her desk planners which would do just fine and are amazingly $20. 
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