Not Your Grandma's Gloves-Texting Gloves Unite Fashion and Technology

Now, I would like you to call Aunt Sally and ask her for texting gloves for Christmas. Do you hear the deafening silence on the other end? Clearly, with the invention of texting mittens her gloves of long ago will stay with bad bridesmaid dresses(Not Okay).

Instead of cutting off the fingers like I have been guilty of, fashion trends this season point to convertible mittens. In one quick flick of the wrist, your fingers will become exposed to text text text away. Keep your hands warm while getting the message across: soft knit gloves that fold back for easy texting. It really makes me excited and sad at the same time. Why didn't I think of this? Here are some options! 

And for the Holy Grail of all that is texting Gloves

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