My Love/Hate Relationship with Dell

This is my fourth Dell. I was entranced by it because it was Pink. There I said it. I bought the damn thing because it was pink. Of course, it did have all the features I needed but I had to have a PINK computer to work on! Woohoo!

 I made an oath to myself. I would put nothing but web based applications on here...not a ton of free music or videos (as I now  have discovered Rhapsody, of course). I just would use what I needed and the thing would run efficiently. I needed it to blog, to do email newsletters and put my peeps and myself on Facebook and Twitter, that was it.

Long story longer I have had a lot of problems with this pink guy. It would be best described as a big pink lemon. Beginning in month 3 to today,I have had to replace: the mother board, the hard drive, the battery and the power cord among other crazy issues.

Every time I have a problem, I get white hot and prickly because I know this means. I have to call Dell customer service.This is like poking your eyes out with bamboo. Because dear sweet Dell has chose to outsource their customer service.

Discover seems to have it down exactly to a tee

This is where I start to lose my mind. Its also where my political views start getting the best of me. We are in a recession, right??  How hard is it to hire and train the many who are out of work right in your backyard? Instead, after pressing one for English (another story for another bottle of wine), I get to talk to "Patrick" or "Henry" over a bad connection and a bad script. Its just not an argument anymore that they are doing this because its cheaper when our own country is suffering. I wish they would take a lesson from Go Daddy.They are true blooded Americans  and they even speak English and converse with you without sounding like a robot. Its so refreshing! 

Knowing that there is always a bright light in my cloud of doom, I looked into to Dell Chat and was satisfied. I could now chat with Patrick and Henry to my heart's content.I could even easily understand what they are typing. SUCCESS! 

Except when it comes to that sad miserable day when you push off your warranty expiration notice. 
I truly forgot. 

So, when you have no warranty-back to India, you go. Just so you know, I always start off positive when I call, like miraculously there will be no language barrier. On Tuesday, I spent NINETY MINUTES speaking to three to five different Peggy's. Not one of them understood what I was trying to explain . If I can give you some advice, putting your head in your hands while begging to please be connected to a person who first given language is English doesn't translate well to them either.

Hanging up, I thought maybe I could resort to Twitter. Let the angels sing!! At @dellcares I was treated like a queen! Fixed, wrapped up like a present and sent on my Merry way! So thank you Dell for getting something right and keeping your Twitter customer service here in the good ol USA. Might I beg you to reconsider your other options?? 
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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles, but this post did make me laugh out loud. I have so been there. I avoid calling customer service at all costs!!