It has Four Walls and A Door, and its mine

I am excited that I moved into some office space this month. It needs some paint but I am really excited.  A lot of people nod (annoyingly... I may add) "Ohhhhh, you need office space, because working at home you cant stay focused!" That's not really it. I get up at the crack of dawn and start working and continue to work all day. My boyfriend comes home and I may stay off the computer for a minute or two  but sure enough I get back on there and keep at it. I figured if I found something reasonable (and I did) this would give me something to go to each day and more importantly leave each day. Of course, there will be days like today that its too cold outside and the comforts of my own home will do just fine. That, is the BEST thing about having a great boss (yourself)! 

Here are some pictures, let me know what you think and what I need! 

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