Embrace Your Negative Online Reviews!

I am really excited today. I have these theories and sometimes they are a little nuts, a little far fetched and make sense only to me. But sometimes I can use my charm and wit and Holly Go-Lightly anyone to believe what I am really passionate about. I have a new client who was concerned about his online reviews. Some of them were good and some of them were not so great. As far as negative reviews go, you have to take them with a grain of salt...every once in a while you will get someone who has had a bad day or just simply has nothing better to do than bash your business at any expense.

There are some unfavorable reviews, however that serve a purpose- as it is an unbiased opinion of what someone thinks of your business. It is how you deal with these reviewers that have taken the time to voice their concerns with others using the platform of Yelp, Urban Spoon or others that will make or break your marketing efforts.

My theory is to embrace these negative reviews (the ones that are valid anyway) with passion! Do you think that is crazy? I feel that if you at least address the review and try to rectify it, this can only work for your benefit. It gives you and your business a warm and fuzzy, I give a darn persona. If you just take the time to say, call me and let me try to make this right, whether or not they take you up on it, it shows that you actually care what people think about your business.

My client received a not so positive review. We took the time to address the complaint, and asked her to call us so we can make the experience a positive one. This morning as I was checking Urban Spoon for reviews (do you do this every day? you should!), this is what I found:

I was impressed to receive a response in regards to my previous review on My Client. The email instructed me to call one of two people and to discuss my experience with them with an offer that would rectify the situation. I changes my vote to like, as this exemplifies awesome customer service, which is truly an important feature in any business. Again, I loved the entire ambiance of the El-fresco dining as stated in my previous review. Life at this time is too hectic for me to take the management up on their offer, but I will give My Client another try, perhaps for dinner.

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