Things that make me smile-Ivy Lane Bistro

You know what I am a BIG fan of? Places in my small but promising town of Daytona Beach that gets it. A place in the tiny confines of Downtown that quickly seduces you in to loving every inch of it. When I was first introduced to Ivy Lane, it quickly became a new place to start my day. It has this really urban feel to it, the kind that you can take your kindle and your ipod so you can read and listen to your heart's content and noone will look at you twice. All while enjoying the most amazing food on the planet which is homemade and very yummy. They have mimosas (and the angels sing) and selections for any taste that will make your morning. If you close your eyes just for a second, you might think that you have somehow landed on the corner of Bleeker and Thompson in the Village.

What makes me weak in the knees is that they have just opened a Wine Room...I am almost scared to visit for fear that I will ask the staff to please just put a cot in the back for me and my cats. If you have the time to be impressed, any time during the day...I beg you to visit Ivy Lane Bistro.

Ivy Lane Bistro is located at 246 South Beach Street in Downtown Daytona Beach. Follow them on Facebook!

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