My love Affair with Rhapsody

Every once in a while, I feel compelled to talk about things that make my heart go a flutter. Last month, I told you about the Wise Stamp application.

I know I must have been hiding under a rock, but when Limewire finally ceased all P2P sharing-I had to look for other options. Yes, I know I should be buying these things and not stealing music-but when you work in radio for 15 years and never bought music can sue me, but I find it very hard to actually pay for music.

In my defense, I will mention that I run out (and in modern day, run to my computer) and physically purchase any friend's new endeavor the minute it comes out. Now that I think of it, that is pretty ridiculous- the pride I feel contributing to a friend's bottom line by purchasing their CD, when I should be doing this all along. Boy, am I spoiled. 

Anyway, I digress, Rhapsody is this amazing musical piece of heaven that you can play any piece of music you could ever think of ...ever!!! Do you know how this makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe slowly from the excitement of it all?? Do you also know how little work I have done this last week as I have made playlist for every genre you could ever think of? I am thinking of listening to bands I haven't heard of in a decade. For a measly $10 a month you can make your own playlists, play anything you want, partake in the dozens of radio stations. I mean, its ridiculous. Yes, if you actually want to purchase the music you still have that option but they also have a FREE Iphone application. You could be going down the road, hear a song you like, Shazam it and then go on Rhapsody and play that song and the whole album if you want. 

It is heart stopping. Take this morning for instance. I was tired, still fighting Saturday's Halloween party residues...(yes, it does hurt more when you get older) So, I thought of what could really get my morning started? How about some old school rap? Fifteen seconds later, I was jamming out to the Cover Girls reliving my senior year in High School. I looked up at the TV (yes, I am a multitasker) and Neil Diamond was on The Today Show. Apparently, he has a new album coming out tomorrow, which I will promptly listen to in the morning but in the meantime-who doesn't love "Girl, You will be a Women Soon?" Which reminded me how much I loved the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction and there you go. About an hour ago, after having a little anxiety billing my peeps for the month, I needed something to calm me down. Always the go-to Coldplay "Sparks", which reminded me of my friend who loves Ray LaMontagne who I think has a new album out. Do you see how I may never work again??

Between my ADD and my passionate love for music, this may be my best friend or my worst enemy. Oooh My Own Worst Enemy by the band Lit, I love that song......  

Rhapsody is an amazing music service that can be yours for $10/a month. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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