Website Designers, Friend or Foe?

*As a disclaimer, I am only speaking about people that I have been burnt by. Everyone else, at the very least, you won't take offense but hear an honest girl's plea.

I think everyone keeps a list of what they are good at. If they dont, they should. I am good at a couple of things...picking out really good hotels at a very cheap price, finding really good flights (you see the travel theme here). But the one thing that I have always picked up on, believe it or not is how to fix stuff electronically. I have never really needed a manual, and I have always-almost always- been able to figure that kind of stuff out. I have always been the unpaid techie at my job usually doing the SNL Nick the Computer Guy MOOOOOOVE...

Simply, it was just easier to have you move and let me figure out what is wrong with your computer. Having said all this, I am also good at what I do (obviously)-marketing the invisible. When someone asks me what Little Blog Dress is, I try to explain to them in the lamest terms...I take care of all your marketing that has to do online. Facebook, Twitter, Online Reviews, Blogs, etc etc. You see I have very carefully left the website word out, right?? I just simply have no patience with it. So, I do have a great web girl extraordinare who is also my business partner. But, if I have a new client and I have some ideas how we can integrate what I want to do with their exiting website, I am forced  positioned to make nice with the existing web site developer. Which, in my experience (read disclaimer above) makes me want to rip my eyes out. Because in the past two weeks I have dealt with more than one designers that have basically hijacked my clients website. 

Poor Poor Pitiful Client This is a doozy that makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe shallow breaths. My client, like most people put blind faith in someone to run her website because she  had no idea how to do it. I mean, who would? That is why you hire people to help you! Thought I would copy and paste the Ribbit Voicemail I received from this beast and let you decide how I should handle her. 

Hi. Good afternoon Darlynn. This is Melody with Mass Websites. I received a message from you about I am not handling that account anymore. So I am not involved with that. And my wonderful client had left me a message that turned everything over to J which I understand as her marketing manager now. So, I have nothing to do with wonderful client and her stuff anymore. So you will need to call J, and get any information that you need from him because he is handling it all. And that's it. You know. Unless wonderful client calls and reinstates her services, there's nothing I can do to help you. Thank you.

So basically, I am screwed to make any changes to my client's website because this self serving woman has held it hostage. When did we let such an industry hold us by the you know what?? It makes me want to quit my business and go to school and become a website developer.

Because at the end of the day, I would treat my clients right. Pin It

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