Friday Obsession-Wise Stamp

I tend to get obsessed with the normal girlie things, H/ found Hobby Lobby. I am sure that I am not the only one that gets that dry mouth, that oh my God I have to touch every single piece of merchandise feeling. Normal-ish, right? But, what sets me apart from most La-Las is that I also get this feeling when I find a really cool computer application or program. I felt this way when I discovered I Want Sandy (RIP) and I was googling how to embed a video in your email when I came across Wise Stamp. I think I lost a little oxygen on this one. Wise Stamp is an amazing extension for Chrome or Firefox that lets you set up your email signature, your logo, your business, and every social media link you could ever think to have....ever. I am just marveling at the potential of branding. Think about an average office, 10-20 people many emails are sent out on a daily basis? Hundreds? What if every one of these emails had your logo, your blog, your website, your you tube, or your social media attached to it? Wouldn't that take your business to the next level? Yea, I thought so.

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