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Blame it on the lack of sleep, and the lack of coffee I am sure-but I have decided to start an blog today about social media the fashionable way. I miss Blogging and believe I should listen to what the world is telling me. I have been helping my friend Nada whose blog is Beauty Mommy work on some social media stuff . I am so honored to help her at all because I think she is so talented. We had an awesome lunch at her restaurant Ivy Lane Bistro and we started talking about blogging. My best friend and I ran Racing Fashionistas for years and I realized, I miss it so!
Then, I was working on one of my clients and I was looking for some blogs to add to their site and it got me to thinking. There has to be a need for a fashionable, chic social media blog outlet? So, off I go-back to what was always the most fun, blogging and writing.

This has been an exciting two weeks for me, I took one of my favorite quotes to heart-

"Jump and the net will appear!"

I quit my "day job" and decided to focus on starting my own business-Little Blog Dress, a social media marketing company. I have taken my knowledge of marketing and social media and decided to help people promote their business online the right way. I am not saying that I know it all, I just have developed a very good knack at what is effective. I also read like a crazy person, so I know that I am on top of new trends.

So, I am gonna sprinkle this blog with things I love and hope I will make an impact! Hope you enjoy our journey together.
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