97,0000th reason Im glad I don't live in PA

Just reading these words makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe very slowly. A school in PA decided that it was a good experiment to abolish all social media for one week. According to the article, this was a test to prove how dependent they were on social media. "We don't even realize how it's taken over our lives, just stop and think about it," said the University's Vice President Eric Darr, (AKA the Anti-Christ) who came up with the idea.

It just seems to me that this poor VP was stuffed in a locker as a child. Banning it for a week? Yes, we are addicted to technology and social media. Just like the generation before us were with their television and the generation before that were with their radio. I guess a social experiment is always good for the books, I am just glad I didnt have to partake! Aren't you?
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