Lucky, My Turn or Just Blessed?

I wish I could tell you that I was an extremely religious person. I have 6 years of Catholic School Upbringing, think about giving up something for Lent every year and without fail my life is rules by good old fashioned Catholic guilt.

I am not even really a spiritual person, (ill have you know I don't even know how to spell spiritual without spell check)...I mean I have a deep interest in being spiritual (spell check) I have even been vastly interested in yoga and its benefits but I just haven't found the right combination. Something that grabs me, that Oprah AHA moment...

But, I believe in signs, dear Lord do they speak to me in ways you cant event imagine. A lot of them are musically inclined, dur...its insane. And, every once in a while I get this guttural instinct that I feel I should call John Edwards to see if he needs an assistant.

I guess long story short, I am thankful for whatever stars are shining on me. Lets be honest, I haven't had the best luck of the draw. If it could happen to me, it will happen. And that is not always a good thing.

But lately, the stars are shining and the moon is smiling. I have had an incredible spurt of good luck, business is booming, love is in the air. I am thankful. I just wanted you to know.
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97,0000th reason Im glad I don't live in PA

Just reading these words makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe very slowly. A school in PA decided that it was a good experiment to abolish all social media for one week. According to the article, this was a test to prove how dependent they were on social media. "We don't even realize how it's taken over our lives, just stop and think about it," said the University's Vice President Eric Darr, (AKA the Anti-Christ) who came up with the idea.

It just seems to me that this poor VP was stuffed in a locker as a child. Banning it for a week? Yes, we are addicted to technology and social media. Just like the generation before us were with their television and the generation before that were with their radio. I guess a social experiment is always good for the books, I am just glad I didnt have to partake! Aren't you?
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Welcome to the Little Blog (Dress) that could


Blame it on the lack of sleep, and the lack of coffee I am sure-but I have decided to start an blog today about social media the fashionable way. I miss Blogging and believe I should listen to what the world is telling me. I have been helping my friend Nada whose blog is Beauty Mommy work on some social media stuff . I am so honored to help her at all because I think she is so talented. We had an awesome lunch at her restaurant Ivy Lane Bistro and we started talking about blogging. My best friend and I ran Racing Fashionistas for years and I realized, I miss it so!
Then, I was working on one of my clients and I was looking for some blogs to add to their site and it got me to thinking. There has to be a need for a fashionable, chic social media blog outlet? So, off I go-back to what was always the most fun, blogging and writing.

This has been an exciting two weeks for me, I took one of my favorite quotes to heart-

"Jump and the net will appear!"

I quit my "day job" and decided to focus on starting my own business-Little Blog Dress, a social media marketing company. I have taken my knowledge of marketing and social media and decided to help people promote their business online the right way. I am not saying that I know it all, I just have developed a very good knack at what is effective. I also read like a crazy person, so I know that I am on top of new trends.

So, I am gonna sprinkle this blog with things I love and hope I will make an impact! Hope you enjoy our journey together.
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