My Love/Hate Relationship with Dell

This is my fourth Dell. I was entranced by it because it was Pink. There I said it. I bought the damn thing because it was pink. Of course, it did have all the features I needed but I had to have a PINK computer to work on! Woohoo!

 I made an oath to myself. I would put nothing but web based applications on here...not a ton of free music or videos (as I now  have discovered Rhapsody, of course). I just would use what I needed and the thing would run efficiently. I needed it to blog, to do email newsletters and put my peeps and myself on Facebook and Twitter, that was it.

Long story longer I have had a lot of problems with this pink guy. It would be best described as a big pink lemon. Beginning in month 3 to today,I have had to replace: the mother board, the hard drive, the battery and the power cord among other crazy issues.

Every time I have a problem, I get white hot and prickly because I know this means. I have to call Dell customer service.This is like poking your eyes out with bamboo. Because dear sweet Dell has chose to outsource their customer service.

Discover seems to have it down exactly to a tee

This is where I start to lose my mind. Its also where my political views start getting the best of me. We are in a recession, right??  How hard is it to hire and train the many who are out of work right in your backyard? Instead, after pressing one for English (another story for another bottle of wine), I get to talk to "Patrick" or "Henry" over a bad connection and a bad script. Its just not an argument anymore that they are doing this because its cheaper when our own country is suffering. I wish they would take a lesson from Go Daddy.They are true blooded Americans  and they even speak English and converse with you without sounding like a robot. Its so refreshing! 

Knowing that there is always a bright light in my cloud of doom, I looked into to Dell Chat and was satisfied. I could now chat with Patrick and Henry to my heart's content.I could even easily understand what they are typing. SUCCESS! 

Except when it comes to that sad miserable day when you push off your warranty expiration notice. 
I truly forgot. 

So, when you have no warranty-back to India, you go. Just so you know, I always start off positive when I call, like miraculously there will be no language barrier. On Tuesday, I spent NINETY MINUTES speaking to three to five different Peggy's. Not one of them understood what I was trying to explain . If I can give you some advice, putting your head in your hands while begging to please be connected to a person who first given language is English doesn't translate well to them either.

Hanging up, I thought maybe I could resort to Twitter. Let the angels sing!! At @dellcares I was treated like a queen! Fixed, wrapped up like a present and sent on my Merry way! So thank you Dell for getting something right and keeping your Twitter customer service here in the good ol USA. Might I beg you to reconsider your other options?? 
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It has Four Walls and A Door, and its mine

I am excited that I moved into some office space this month. It needs some paint but I am really excited.  A lot of people nod (annoyingly... I may add) "Ohhhhh, you need office space, because working at home you cant stay focused!" That's not really it. I get up at the crack of dawn and start working and continue to work all day. My boyfriend comes home and I may stay off the computer for a minute or two  but sure enough I get back on there and keep at it. I figured if I found something reasonable (and I did) this would give me something to go to each day and more importantly leave each day. Of course, there will be days like today that its too cold outside and the comforts of my own home will do just fine. That, is the BEST thing about having a great boss (yourself)! 

Here are some pictures, let me know what you think and what I need! 

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11 Things My Life Doesn't Need

I have resolved to blog more in 2011, and to find like minded authoress and platforms to spread my word Tonight as I am searching I come across this wonderful idea. Reverb 10. The pretense, according to the website: Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. Use the end of your year as an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. Each day they send out a prompt and ask you the blogger to share your thoughts. I am so sad that I just came across this amazing concept! I would have blogged every day with them!  

11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Only 11! How I wish this was 2032! I have learned a lot this year and I am excited for the new start that 2011 will bring. Here are 11 things I am happy to let go:

11. Guilt-the good old-fashioned Catholic Kind
10. Excuses-mine or anyone else's! 
9. Headaches (physically and figuratively speaking)

8. Self Doubt-She believed she could so she did!
7. People in my life who are Debbie Downers
6. Disorder and chaos, both external and internal
5. Another Pair of Blue Jeans, white shirt, or kitchen gadgets of any kind 

4. Reasons to not do, say and be exactly what I want
3. Excessive spending 
2. Lack of Motivation to not accomplish these eleven things.

1. Drama, for once I am going to keep it at bay and stay away from things and people that cause it.

I can only think that if I make sure these eleven things stay far away from me in the New Year, it can only be a wonderful one.
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Do you Resolve to Get Organized?

I think people are motivated by different things, money, power, control, self worth, love, etc. To work very hard at being organized is what motivates me the most. I feel that one day or in small spurts of a day a sense of calm is achieved when you really have a grasp on a system that works for you at home and at your job. It isn't rocket science to understand the more organized you are the more efficient you will be. I have recently talked about the use of planners. But in the scheme of things, that is a small piece of the pie. 

Remember the Milk (RTM) is probably one of the coolest list organizational tools out there. Hands Down. The thing that I like about it the most is its flexibility to use. No matter which way you respond to most (email, text, IM , twitter, web extensions etc.) Remember the Milk has you covered. I have gone and tried other systems but I have always come back to RTM wondering why I strayed in the first place. 

I use RTM for all my clients. Each client has their own list where I can list tasks for them that need to be done. I am able to schedule their Facebook posts to appear in my to do list every other day. Every day I look at my daily agenda and know which clients need to have a post on Facebook for that day. I also use my personal Remember the Milk email which will email me reminders and appointments. For Xmas, I would grab my phone and email RTM as I was talking to someone and they were raving about something that would make a good gift. This email was sent to my RTM account and placed in my RTM Christmas List. That way when I went in and looked all those casual mentions were well documentedEmbarrassingly enough, I do have a Fake Wedding list that contains every cool wedding song, design idea, website, color scheme etc that I have ever seen. I know that is kind of ridiculous but when the time comes, I will have some good ideas ready to go.  I also have a list that I keep for shopping websites I like, movies and books that I should see or read, bills that need to be paid with a due date and a recurrence so a couple of days before it is due it comes up in my agenda. You can also make a list of calls to make, people to see and things to do daily. Pun intended, the lists could go on and on.

A good start to see how useful Remember the Milk is here, If you are the kind of person that likes to write everything down, this application is for you, Its Free, but they do have an PRO version. I am interested in what you think and what uses you could find for this system so be sure to leave a comment below! 

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Organize 2011 with The Best Planners

If you look through my house, I can think of about 4 calendars I have bought over the year. Four, because I will start getting really excited about buying and using and then I find something wrong with it. Its too small, its too big, its not the right shape...its really hard to find me one that I love. Now, I love, worship and want to marry the Planner Pad but I have too much going on to have only seven subjects to go off of. One would think that being the techy nerdy butt that I am that I would use my Iphone exclusively. But truth be told, I don't really like that calendar either. I do use my google calendar for some things, but nothing serves me better than an actual hold in your hand agenda. I also want to make mention is that in my crazy OCD world, I only put appointments in my planner. I save to-do lists and other things to remember for Remember the Milk which I will blog about soon. If you are looking for a bargain, I usually have very good luck in Target. I could say that last sentence about everything in my life but Target especially has some very retro looking designs at a very reasonable price. And being that I will get tired of this pretty Tiffany Blue one I am currently playing with very soon, a reasonable price is a must. 

A honorable mention? The I-pad Calendar interface. Its so pretty, I just don't understand why the Ipod doesnt pick it up...aren't they members of the same family?? I would use it in a second.

So, in honor of the Christmas season and the fact that the guilt that I am not done shopping yet is killing me, I wanted to blog a little about some of the best ways to bring your new planner under the tree. The good thing is that if Santa doesn't recognize your need for a 2011 plan you can run and order these for yourself after Christmas with the money or gift cards you get when you take all the presents back that you didn't like....yes, I am most guilty. 

Of course, I have to visit Etsy and it didn't disappoint. Look at this beautiful retro handmade planner that can be used year after year. Provided you don't have the crazy gene that I have.

2011 Calendar Day Planner - Flea Market Pink Posies - Agenda in Pink and Brown


This planner is also on Etsy. I thought it was really cool, because one of the most frustrating things about changing your mind on planners mid year is that you either have to buy an old one and waste the months or buy it and not be able to be able to use it for a while (my current situation). This would also make a GREAT gift. Maybe not for Christmas but for Valentine's Day...or President's Day! Its a little pricy but it looks to me like it is completely handmade and customized which is makes the price well worth it, don't you think? They have them in three sizes.

PIPER Design - Small Personalized Planner

Most boys I know do use their smart phones or their office calendars but if you wanted a nice option for the man in your life, this is a subtle leather version that is classy and will keep all his dates in check. And, I fully expect you to pre-fill in the important ones for him! 

Scully Calfskin Leather Pocket Weekly Planner

This is the one that I am currently playing with. I got it at Office Depot and for the price, its a great deal. Its serves its purpose and there is plenty of room for all your to-do's and appointments. Its also small enough to fit in your handbag with ease. There are a bunch of colors, if you like to stay away from the traditional (I do) 

2011 Weekly/Monthly Maison Planner 8.5x11

Ok, time in the blog post where your heart will elevate. This is the holy grail portion of my planner post. I am sure that there are other designers that have planners but I have always been obsessively a fan of Kate Spade. It is a miracle that I have not picked this beautiful thing up for my very own. It is just the most gorgeous thing on the planet. For a more budget conscious option (boooooooooo) try one of her desk planners which would do just fine and are amazingly $20. 
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Not Your Grandma's Gloves-Texting Gloves Unite Fashion and Technology

Now, I would like you to call Aunt Sally and ask her for texting gloves for Christmas. Do you hear the deafening silence on the other end? Clearly, with the invention of texting mittens her gloves of long ago will stay with bad bridesmaid dresses(Not Okay).

Instead of cutting off the fingers like I have been guilty of, fashion trends this season point to convertible mittens. In one quick flick of the wrist, your fingers will become exposed to text text text away. Keep your hands warm while getting the message across: soft knit gloves that fold back for easy texting. It really makes me excited and sad at the same time. Why didn't I think of this? Here are some options! 

And for the Holy Grail of all that is texting Gloves

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Social Media in a Small Town

I am in month four of owning my own social media marketing company. It has been a pretty amazing journey. The Lack of stress that comes from being your own boss is pretty amazing. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Women ( which really had some serious girl power attached to it...minus the hooking, of course) I say who, I say when and I say how much. No crazy.coms to go to work for, no one to stress me out but me. I have had a chance to get back in touch with my love of music that makes me happy, thanks to Rhapsody which I make beautiful playlists depending on my mood. If I have had enough for the day, a middle of the day pedicure isn't out of the question.

Not to say it isn't nauseating to be your own boss. I have had to secure My own health insurance with a pre-existing condition, panic every time Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger goes down for fear it's for good thus ending my career. Last week, with a full blown stomach flu I had to crawl to my computer to take care of a client because if i didn't, who would?

But, one of my biggest challenges is explaining what social media is and what I do for a living to my middle sized town. Now, as you read my profile you may notice that I am from Daytona Beach. Thanks to Spring Break, and the Daytona International Speedway, my fair city has pretty hefty brand name awareness. But, sad to say, we are behind a tad in a lot of ways compared to cities with brighter lights. When I am asked,"So, what are you doing now?" I have to dumb it down very much for my community. I would like to hold my head high and answer,"I own a social media marketing company." Boy, does that get the deer in the headlights look for many! "You mean, play on Facebook?" Just recently, my seventy year old aunt asked me how that computer thing is going. Although a good amount understand, my goal for the New Year is to get the understanding of the social media revolution kicking in this area

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Embrace Your Negative Online Reviews!

I am really excited today. I have these theories and sometimes they are a little nuts, a little far fetched and make sense only to me. But sometimes I can use my charm and wit and Holly Go-Lightly anyone to believe what I am really passionate about. I have a new client who was concerned about his online reviews. Some of them were good and some of them were not so great. As far as negative reviews go, you have to take them with a grain of salt...every once in a while you will get someone who has had a bad day or just simply has nothing better to do than bash your business at any expense.

There are some unfavorable reviews, however that serve a purpose- as it is an unbiased opinion of what someone thinks of your business. It is how you deal with these reviewers that have taken the time to voice their concerns with others using the platform of Yelp, Urban Spoon or others that will make or break your marketing efforts.

My theory is to embrace these negative reviews (the ones that are valid anyway) with passion! Do you think that is crazy? I feel that if you at least address the review and try to rectify it, this can only work for your benefit. It gives you and your business a warm and fuzzy, I give a darn persona. If you just take the time to say, call me and let me try to make this right, whether or not they take you up on it, it shows that you actually care what people think about your business.

My client received a not so positive review. We took the time to address the complaint, and asked her to call us so we can make the experience a positive one. This morning as I was checking Urban Spoon for reviews (do you do this every day? you should!), this is what I found:

I was impressed to receive a response in regards to my previous review on My Client. The email instructed me to call one of two people and to discuss my experience with them with an offer that would rectify the situation. I changes my vote to like, as this exemplifies awesome customer service, which is truly an important feature in any business. Again, I loved the entire ambiance of the El-fresco dining as stated in my previous review. Life at this time is too hectic for me to take the management up on their offer, but I will give My Client another try, perhaps for dinner.

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Google, Have you done it again?

Well, its fun to be the person to keep people in the loop of new and exciting things that will timesuck even more of your day. Google has decided to go up against Yelp and come up with Google Hotspot.

There are three components as described in the Google blog here

1 Google Places
2. The places you like
3.The places your friends like

According to Google combining these three ingredients makes the hard task of choosing where to go easy; all you need is to rate places and add your friends.

It leaves you pretty dizzy at the potential of it all, but maybe that is just me. Will you use it? Continue on with Yelp or use all this and more? Any idea what my answer is??

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Things that make me smile-Ivy Lane Bistro

You know what I am a BIG fan of? Places in my small but promising town of Daytona Beach that gets it. A place in the tiny confines of Downtown that quickly seduces you in to loving every inch of it. When I was first introduced to Ivy Lane, it quickly became a new place to start my day. It has this really urban feel to it, the kind that you can take your kindle and your ipod so you can read and listen to your heart's content and noone will look at you twice. All while enjoying the most amazing food on the planet which is homemade and very yummy. They have mimosas (and the angels sing) and selections for any taste that will make your morning. If you close your eyes just for a second, you might think that you have somehow landed on the corner of Bleeker and Thompson in the Village.

What makes me weak in the knees is that they have just opened a Wine Room...I am almost scared to visit for fear that I will ask the staff to please just put a cot in the back for me and my cats. If you have the time to be impressed, any time during the day...I beg you to visit Ivy Lane Bistro.

Ivy Lane Bistro is located at 246 South Beach Street in Downtown Daytona Beach. Follow them on Facebook!

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My love Affair with Rhapsody

Every once in a while, I feel compelled to talk about things that make my heart go a flutter. Last month, I told you about the Wise Stamp application.

I know I must have been hiding under a rock, but when Limewire finally ceased all P2P sharing-I had to look for other options. Yes, I know I should be buying these things and not stealing music-but when you work in radio for 15 years and never bought music can sue me, but I find it very hard to actually pay for music.

In my defense, I will mention that I run out (and in modern day, run to my computer) and physically purchase any friend's new endeavor the minute it comes out. Now that I think of it, that is pretty ridiculous- the pride I feel contributing to a friend's bottom line by purchasing their CD, when I should be doing this all along. Boy, am I spoiled. 

Anyway, I digress, Rhapsody is this amazing musical piece of heaven that you can play any piece of music you could ever think of ...ever!!! Do you know how this makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe slowly from the excitement of it all?? Do you also know how little work I have done this last week as I have made playlist for every genre you could ever think of? I am thinking of listening to bands I haven't heard of in a decade. For a measly $10 a month you can make your own playlists, play anything you want, partake in the dozens of radio stations. I mean, its ridiculous. Yes, if you actually want to purchase the music you still have that option but they also have a FREE Iphone application. You could be going down the road, hear a song you like, Shazam it and then go on Rhapsody and play that song and the whole album if you want. 

It is heart stopping. Take this morning for instance. I was tired, still fighting Saturday's Halloween party residues...(yes, it does hurt more when you get older) So, I thought of what could really get my morning started? How about some old school rap? Fifteen seconds later, I was jamming out to the Cover Girls reliving my senior year in High School. I looked up at the TV (yes, I am a multitasker) and Neil Diamond was on The Today Show. Apparently, he has a new album coming out tomorrow, which I will promptly listen to in the morning but in the meantime-who doesn't love "Girl, You will be a Women Soon?" Which reminded me how much I loved the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction and there you go. About an hour ago, after having a little anxiety billing my peeps for the month, I needed something to calm me down. Always the go-to Coldplay "Sparks", which reminded me of my friend who loves Ray LaMontagne who I think has a new album out. Do you see how I may never work again??

Between my ADD and my passionate love for music, this may be my best friend or my worst enemy. Oooh My Own Worst Enemy by the band Lit, I love that song......  

Rhapsody is an amazing music service that can be yours for $10/a month. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Website Designers, Friend or Foe?

*As a disclaimer, I am only speaking about people that I have been burnt by. Everyone else, at the very least, you won't take offense but hear an honest girl's plea.

I think everyone keeps a list of what they are good at. If they dont, they should. I am good at a couple of things...picking out really good hotels at a very cheap price, finding really good flights (you see the travel theme here). But the one thing that I have always picked up on, believe it or not is how to fix stuff electronically. I have never really needed a manual, and I have always-almost always- been able to figure that kind of stuff out. I have always been the unpaid techie at my job usually doing the SNL Nick the Computer Guy MOOOOOOVE...

Simply, it was just easier to have you move and let me figure out what is wrong with your computer. Having said all this, I am also good at what I do (obviously)-marketing the invisible. When someone asks me what Little Blog Dress is, I try to explain to them in the lamest terms...I take care of all your marketing that has to do online. Facebook, Twitter, Online Reviews, Blogs, etc etc. You see I have very carefully left the website word out, right?? I just simply have no patience with it. So, I do have a great web girl extraordinare who is also my business partner. But, if I have a new client and I have some ideas how we can integrate what I want to do with their exiting website, I am forced  positioned to make nice with the existing web site developer. Which, in my experience (read disclaimer above) makes me want to rip my eyes out. Because in the past two weeks I have dealt with more than one designers that have basically hijacked my clients website. 

Poor Poor Pitiful Client This is a doozy that makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe shallow breaths. My client, like most people put blind faith in someone to run her website because she  had no idea how to do it. I mean, who would? That is why you hire people to help you! Thought I would copy and paste the Ribbit Voicemail I received from this beast and let you decide how I should handle her. 

Hi. Good afternoon Darlynn. This is Melody with Mass Websites. I received a message from you about I am not handling that account anymore. So I am not involved with that. And my wonderful client had left me a message that turned everything over to J which I understand as her marketing manager now. So, I have nothing to do with wonderful client and her stuff anymore. So you will need to call J, and get any information that you need from him because he is handling it all. And that's it. You know. Unless wonderful client calls and reinstates her services, there's nothing I can do to help you. Thank you.

So basically, I am screwed to make any changes to my client's website because this self serving woman has held it hostage. When did we let such an industry hold us by the you know what?? It makes me want to quit my business and go to school and become a website developer.

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Facebook Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

You have your personal account on Facebook, you have found every high school friend you ever knew (or never wanted to see again). After reading many an article on how it can help your business you are now thinking about creating a business fan page on Facebook.

Facebook has taken off so successfully because it has filled a void that was needed in our daily lives. It satisfies the need to connect to friends from the past and keep up with your friends and family in the now. Many a friendship has been reconnected, established and strengthened using these non-traditional forms of media. True story-I found my brother who I had never met via Myspace. But how do you use this form of communication to market your business?

As business owners we are passionate about our brand and what we do. Using traditional media, we know that when we have a sale or a special it is time to shout it from the rooftops. While using radio, television or print this way is effective, you will fail if you try to use the same methods with your social media campaign.

Some tips to remember when building your Facebook page:

Stop Selling
This probably doesn't make too much sense to a business owner who has done nothing but put years of blood, sweat, and tears into marketing their brand for success. However, you need to understand that this new way to market your business is called social media for a reason. The best way to be effective with your Facebook marketing is to hit them on the head a 1/4, maybe 1/8 of what you are used to with traditional marketing. This doesn't mean only post 1/8 of the time, instead fill the other eighths with relative content that doesn't have much to do with your storefront. Articles in your business category that are interesting, local happenings in your neighborhood, etc. Maybe once a week you tell people something directly related to your business in the traditional form of marketing.

Show some Respect
If you are hosting an event or you have something specific to promote, for the love of God, keep it to yourself. Do not break Cardinal Rule #1 and write on someone's Facebook wall. In social media etiquette, this is the equivalent of pushing someone out of the way during a two person conversation just so you can join in. Can you think of anything ruder? Exactly. Keep it on your wall. If you want to be Crafty Cathy, for extra exposure ask your friends to repost. And I mean physically call or email and ask them, don't ask them publicly on Facebook.

Be Regular
My favorite thing to say when I sold radio was unless you are a restaurant no one thinks about your product three times a day. The way to be effective is to be consistent. A non-evasive, top of mind brand awareness campaign is how you should do all your marketing, especially on Facebook. The key is to be consistent and interesting with two to four posts a week. Soon, people will turn to your business themselves or tell their friends about "the caterer on my Facebook, or the place I saw on Facebook that rents pressure washers, etc".

If you can't be regular, pay someone to be
If I had a dollar every time I've seen this I wouldn't need to be in business. Businesses start off with the best of intentions on Facebook but then they get busy. The daily posts quickly turn into weekly posts, then biweekly, or stop altogether. They then panic because they haven't been on Facebook in two weeks and post two to three times a day for a couple of days until they get busy again. And by the way, who is running your business while you are on Facebook? Sound familiar? Sure, you can get an employee to post but you can't be assured they will do it correctly with your vision in mind. Having a professional who knows how to run an effective campaign is a good idea if you can't give it 100% all the time. Their expertise lies in knowing the constantly changing social media trends that would be beneficial to your business. Hiring a social media marketing company gives you the piece of mind that your Facebook is done properly, giving you a chance to focus on the other operations of your business.

Just my two cents. Now how can I help your business look its very best?

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Friday Obsession-Wise Stamp

I tend to get obsessed with the normal girlie things, H/ found Hobby Lobby. I am sure that I am not the only one that gets that dry mouth, that oh my God I have to touch every single piece of merchandise feeling. Normal-ish, right? But, what sets me apart from most La-Las is that I also get this feeling when I find a really cool computer application or program. I felt this way when I discovered I Want Sandy (RIP) and I was googling how to embed a video in your email when I came across Wise Stamp. I think I lost a little oxygen on this one. Wise Stamp is an amazing extension for Chrome or Firefox that lets you set up your email signature, your logo, your business, and every social media link you could ever think to have....ever. I am just marveling at the potential of branding. Think about an average office, 10-20 people many emails are sent out on a daily basis? Hundreds? What if every one of these emails had your logo, your blog, your website, your you tube, or your social media attached to it? Wouldn't that take your business to the next level? Yea, I thought so.

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Lucky, My Turn or Just Blessed?

I wish I could tell you that I was an extremely religious person. I have 6 years of Catholic School Upbringing, think about giving up something for Lent every year and without fail my life is rules by good old fashioned Catholic guilt.

I am not even really a spiritual person, (ill have you know I don't even know how to spell spiritual without spell check)...I mean I have a deep interest in being spiritual (spell check) I have even been vastly interested in yoga and its benefits but I just haven't found the right combination. Something that grabs me, that Oprah AHA moment...

But, I believe in signs, dear Lord do they speak to me in ways you cant event imagine. A lot of them are musically inclined, dur...its insane. And, every once in a while I get this guttural instinct that I feel I should call John Edwards to see if he needs an assistant.

I guess long story short, I am thankful for whatever stars are shining on me. Lets be honest, I haven't had the best luck of the draw. If it could happen to me, it will happen. And that is not always a good thing.

But lately, the stars are shining and the moon is smiling. I have had an incredible spurt of good luck, business is booming, love is in the air. I am thankful. I just wanted you to know.
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97,0000th reason Im glad I don't live in PA

Just reading these words makes me want to put my head between my legs and breathe very slowly. A school in PA decided that it was a good experiment to abolish all social media for one week. According to the article, this was a test to prove how dependent they were on social media. "We don't even realize how it's taken over our lives, just stop and think about it," said the University's Vice President Eric Darr, (AKA the Anti-Christ) who came up with the idea.

It just seems to me that this poor VP was stuffed in a locker as a child. Banning it for a week? Yes, we are addicted to technology and social media. Just like the generation before us were with their television and the generation before that were with their radio. I guess a social experiment is always good for the books, I am just glad I didnt have to partake! Aren't you?
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Welcome to the Little Blog (Dress) that could


Blame it on the lack of sleep, and the lack of coffee I am sure-but I have decided to start an blog today about social media the fashionable way. I miss Blogging and believe I should listen to what the world is telling me. I have been helping my friend Nada whose blog is Beauty Mommy work on some social media stuff . I am so honored to help her at all because I think she is so talented. We had an awesome lunch at her restaurant Ivy Lane Bistro and we started talking about blogging. My best friend and I ran Racing Fashionistas for years and I realized, I miss it so!
Then, I was working on one of my clients and I was looking for some blogs to add to their site and it got me to thinking. There has to be a need for a fashionable, chic social media blog outlet? So, off I go-back to what was always the most fun, blogging and writing.

This has been an exciting two weeks for me, I took one of my favorite quotes to heart-

"Jump and the net will appear!"

I quit my "day job" and decided to focus on starting my own business-Little Blog Dress, a social media marketing company. I have taken my knowledge of marketing and social media and decided to help people promote their business online the right way. I am not saying that I know it all, I just have developed a very good knack at what is effective. I also read like a crazy person, so I know that I am on top of new trends.

So, I am gonna sprinkle this blog with things I love and hope I will make an impact! Hope you enjoy our journey together.
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